Nepal Trip Planner (NTP) is one of the most convenient and professional tour operators in Nepal located in the heart of the capital “Kathmandu”. As the slogan suggests, NTP is best known for providing uncompromised services to its clients and ensuring that every guest is having a comfortable and luxurious tour over Nepal. Just like their tour packages, Nepal Trip Planner team is versatile and flexible letting their guests choose where they want to be and customizing their trips as per their budget, time and convenience.

Here are the perks of choosing Nepal Trip Planner over other tour operators in Nepal.

1. Safe and Secure Private Trip all the way:

Choosing Nepal Trip Planner basically means you are choosing what is best for yourself, your family and friends in terms of security, reliability and comfort. Every trip via NTP unlike other operators will be a private and comfortable one meaning you will have the whole vehicle to yourself throughout your trip and never have to share it with anybody else. With comfortable seats, a professional and private driver, spacious enough for the family and relaxed journey, is one thing that will make you wish to never end your journey in Nepal.


2. Tailor-made trips:

Yes, they have a number of great packages which is well-suited for most of the clients. Yet they are always flexible if any changes are needed. Swap the places or stay a little longer in your most desired destinations, NTP will make sure you won't go home complaining. Further, they will make sure that transparency is intact between you and the NTP team before booking any of the services. To ensure that you get the best out of what you pay, your personal tour operator will make all the arrangements and will be at your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Your help is always just one ring away. 


3. Expert Hands:

The team of NTP is undoubtedly an epitome of blended expertise. From updating you about every modification to booking best services, providing unquestionable operational service and hospitality, you can rely on them for everything. NTP knows what you deserve and without any compromises, each one from the team functions starting the day you book the trip with them. Being in the expert hands, you will make the best of your money that you pay for your trip.


4. Finest trip with fairest price:

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you rich”. To make a fair exchange of your money, you certainly don't want to go with someone who initially promises you extraterrestrial services and end up giving you your worst nightmare. Sometimes travelers gets misguided and unfortunately this is a harsh truth.There are people who can lure travelers with very minimal payments but as nothing comes for free. Free things comes with a post dated invoice. Nepal trip planner is assuredly honest and modest with the money matter. The value you pay will only be switched with the service you desire and deserve.


5. Deals and Discounts:

The best thing about choosing NTP is the perks of receiving discount offers without having to compromise your services. Booking the same level of accommodations and transportations directly will make you pay a bulk for whole lot of just the same service. With their exclusive networking and professional relationships with the hotels, transportation and other service providers, NTP won’t let your money go in vain. Further to this, they also provide the best deals in each of their packages so that none of your pennies are wasted. They also have the facility of certain discount deals if you book some of their infamous packages early.


6. Speedy response and information:

Nepal Trip Planner team is readily available for you to contact them in most social medias. For easy excess and outreaching, they are ready to provide you all the information that you need before you start your trip to Nepal even on non-business days. They can help you get the reliable and updated information related to your tour, pricings, activities, so and so. Connect with them through direct call, whatsapp, email or chat, they are always at your service.

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