Muktinath Temple Yatra

Muktinath Temple Yatra

Muktinath is one of the popular pilgrimage located in the lap of Thorang La Mountain Pass, mustang district at the altitude of 3710m. Muktinath is derived from two words Mukti and Nath which means salvation or nirvana hence also named as Mukti Kshetra. Every year, thousands of devotees from India, Tibet and Nepal come here for pilgrimage for purification and salvation.  Many Kings from archaic Asia were also believed to do the same.





Muktinath tour is combination of pilgrimage and adventure for tourist. In Muktinath, the devotees come to take bath in 108 waterspouts known as Muktidhara. People believe that taking bath in these 108 waterspouts will bring a salvation in their life and filters away all the sins that happened during their life time. Both Hindu and Buddhists come here to worship Lord Vishnu. Hindus call this temple as Mukti Kshetra which means Place of Liberation and Buddhists call it as Chumig Gyasta. Nearby is the temple of Jwala Mai, or the Goddess of Flame, with the phenomenal underground blue flame.  There are also 2 holy ponds known as Mukti Kunda which is located in the backyard and front of the temple respectively.

In this tour you will experience to meet and know the people and culture of Gurungs, Magars and around Jomsom, people with strong Tibetan roots. You can also view the deepest Gorge in the world craved by Kali Gandaki River while driving to Jomsom. Landing on Jomsom airport itself is worth rewarding as you will be accompanied by amazing view of Mt Nilgiri as well as Mt Dhaulagiri. In Jomsom, the air is comparatively colder and drier than other parts of the area. This trip is all about the journey about discovery of the nomadic horse culture, breathtaking scenery and friendly heart-warming people that inhabited the region. Muktinath tour takes you to the mystic place of Nepal where landscape takes a unique turn from most of Nepal’s geography.








F&Q about Muktinath Yatra

  1. Where is Muktinath located

Muktinath is located in the lap of Thorang La Mountain Pass, Mustang district at the altitude of 3710m.


  1. How to go to Muktinath temple?

Muktinath temple can be easily reached in a single day by taking 15-20 minutes flight from Pokhara to Jomsom followed by two hour jeep drive up to Ranipauwa and walk 20 minutes up to the temple.


  1. What should I carry during Muktinath Yatra?

Wind-cheater along with a few jackets will always be the best idea to carry as the weather in Jomsom is windy. If you are travelling Dec –Mar then warm jackets, thermals, gloves, and other warmer clothes might be required.


  1. Is there any direct flight from Kathmandu to Muktinath?

Muktinath tour by helicopter is the only option to reach Muktinath from Kathmandu. There are 5-6 seated helicopter to charter. Otherwise, Jomsom is the nearest airport to travel Muktinath it is 15- 20 minutes flight from Jomsom.


  1. Do I get vegetarian foods during Muktinath Darshan?

You can get vegetarian food from Kathmandu to Muktinath.


  1. What type of hotels can I except during Muktinath Yatra tour?

In Muktinath Yatra tour only basic lodge, teahouse are available with attached bathrooms. The service and facilities although are minimal compared to other places, good care and service will be provided to the guests.


  1. Places to visit in Muktinath?

108 Mukti Dhara, 2 Mukti Kunda, Jwala Mai temple, Mharme Iha Khang Gompa, Swaminarayan and Saligrams are the best to observe at Muktinath.


  1. Do I need to obtain any permit to visit this temple?

If you travel by flight from Pokhara, you will need an Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit only. But if you travel by road then you will need 2 permits i.e. Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit and Trekkers Information Management System Permit.


  1. Which are the best months to travel?

The best month to travel Muktinath is from March to June and September to December. During these months, it is neither to hot nor too cold.

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