Adventure activities in Nepal

Adventure activities in Nepal

Nepal have every kind of adventure activities for different people. Whether you want hard core adrenaline- pumping or just enjoy some thrilling activities.  It is truly the country for thrill seekers. Nepal covers all kind of thrilling activities as it conquer the highest of summit and also the deep river and Gorges.

Below are the adventure activities that are perfect for the wild soul looking for delightful adventure.

Mountain flights:

If you are short on time or not interested in trek up to Mt Everest, this is the best activities to look for you. An Everest mountain flights offers the summit view just a few feet above. During the flight you can see all the eight highest mountain in the world. It is worth viewing the Mother Nature from above and life time experience.


Bungee jumping and canyon swing:

This is truly an enduring activities to look forward in Nepal. Jumping off 160 meters height straight into the Bhote Koshi River adds the rush of your adrenaline. You can do both canoyoning and bunjee jump in one day.

You can also do bunjee jumpe at Hemja ,Pokhara.



The river of Nepal are best known for their rapid, which makes one of the best destination for rafting. There are many twists and turns from the river flowing down of mountains. The experience surely will toggle your mind and give you yet another mind blowing encounter with nature. This sweet encounter can happen in Bhote Koshi River, Trisuli river and Seti River.



Paragliding is one of the most and delightful ride you will ever take in your life amidst beautiful scenarios on earth. Best season is from September throughout April. Pokhara is the main destination for paragliding as it has reliable climate and friendly condition for paragliding pilots.


Zip Flyers:

Zip flyer is a very popular activity around the globe. Nepal is famous for its steepest, longest, and fastest zip line. You can book the zip line adventure which measures 1,800 meters long and has a 200 feet vertical drop going above up to 120 kilometer per hour. Zip flyer is located in Sarangot, which is only 30 minutes’ drive from Pokhara.


Mountain biking:

Those looking to challenge their physical fitness can try out the mountain biking in Nepal. We have plenty of options whether on a clean graveled road or the bumpy, rough trails, we have it all. There are several routes present in different cities ranging from difficult to easy trail. It’s all up to you how you want it i.e. easy, moderate and difficult trail.

Mountain biking is much of a satisfying activity blended with natural beauty as well as testing your physical and mental limits yet giving you a refreshing adventure.


Sky Diving:

One more reason to visit Nepal is skydiving. Skydiving is the most extreme, courageous and thrilling experience one could ever attain in their life time experience. The skydiving in Nepal takes place in front of the world highest mountain (Mt. Everest). While you are in the air you can see most of the world’s highest mountain peaks.

You can also do skydiving in Pokhara, 200 kms west from Kathmandu. The best part is it can be either done in pairs or solo jump. With well experienced pilots and sky divers and safety is guaranteed. 

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